Mintox Media is currently developing a number of documentary ideas. We are also open to contributing to docos produced by other companies, particularly in the areas of directing, camera operation and editing.

Mintox Media has just completed Brush With Death (2017), a 29-minute documentary about painter Clint Doyle. Following a near-fatal cardiac arrest at the age of two, Clint’s parents were told he would never walk, talk or see again. Now in his twenties and still living with mild physical and mental disabilities, Clint has developed a unique painting style which has captured the attention of one of America’s most successful artists. This documentary chronicles the lead-up to Clint’s first professional exhibition and his record-breaking opening night.

Watch the opening scene from Brush With Death:


In 2007, Mintox Media released Seven Days. This 54-minute film follows the astonishing experiences of Fiona Dixon-Thompson, an Australian volunteer caring for orphans and vulnerable children in a remote Zambian village. Thought-provoking, funny and inspiring, Seven Days is an uncompromising insight into the realities of aid work and the impact one person can make to many lives.

The DVD of Seven Days is now available, featuring director’s commentary, deleted scenes and other bonus features. To order online (free postage anywhere in the world!) click here.

Watch a preview of Seven Days:

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