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Getting a message out there, building consumer trust, cutting through distractions… at Mintox Media, we achieve these goals for our clients on a daily basis. The most important question is asked at the initial client meeting: why should this story be told? There are infinite ways to present your product or service on screen, but understanding every video’s direct benefit to you and your audience is crucial to all creative decisions moving forward.

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Common types of promotional videos


Customer Information

Let’s make a sale! When making a promotional video about your product or service, be sure to tell the viewer (potential buyer) about the benefits to them. Here’s a tip: don’t waffle on about the history of your company. In fact, pick just three main selling points and let the viewer’s imagination do the rest.

CASE STUDY: This video for Signature Circle Estate was developed in conjunction with an ad agency. As well as emphasising the family-friendly nature of the estate, it was important to include drone shots to showcase the unique “island” geography created by the surrounding golf course. The full video runs over a minute long, but shorter versions were edited for online ad purposes.

Investor Relations

For business-minded clients, attracting new investors and reassuring existing shareholders is a daily task. A promotional video is the perfect way to present your compelling business proposition and celebrate key milestones. Always be aware of your audience’s level of knowledge about your industry and tailor the script to suit. Also, if you’re screening at a conference, make sure the video runs the correct length for your presentation.

CASE STUDY: As part of its acquisition strategy, Sandfire Resources needed to highlight the company’s admirable corporate diligence, the foundation of its rapid growth and financial success. Going for a crisp, tiled look with dot points quickly conveyed technical information while reinforcing the company’s no-frills, results-focused methodology.


Product Showcase

If a picture speaks a thousand words, just imagine what 25 frames a second can do. Showing your product being used by real people in an actual place is a powerful testament to your company’s ability to deliver a tangible experience. A promotional video encourages the viewer to imagine themselves interacting with your product in a way that no pamphlet or slideshow ever can.

CASE STUDY: Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre needed to demonstrate the convincing quality of its driving simulator’s animated environments and the ease at which drivers of various ages could operate the controls. The video was intended to screen primarily at conferences where sound may not always be audible, so on-screen titles were used instead of a voice over.


Case Study

If your project has received funding, a promotional video deliverable is often required to demonstrate that prescribed outcomes have been met. Case study videos often take on a documentary flavor. Mintox Media has the award-winning experience to objectively present your achievements while ensuring the video “ticks the boxes” to reassure donors that their dollars have been put to good use.

CASE STUDY: The Department of Education’s Stronger Smarter pilot program had clearly made a difference at Dawul Remote Community School, located near Kununurra. By capturing examples of learning improvement and featuring interviews with a wide range of people–principal, staff, students and parents–the video demonstrated that the program had been embraced at all levels.


Industry Relations

Justifying major policy change can be a tough ask, especially if the target audience is set in their ways. However, by applying basic principles of story-telling, a promotional video can make a convincing case in minutes, by explaining, 1) what used to be done, 2) why it was flawed, and 3) what’s being done to fix it.

CASE STUDY: The Department of Mines and Petroleum raised awareness of its new Mining Rehabilitation Fund by balancing emotive images of environmental mismanagement with encouraging success stories. Importantly, the video alleviated common concerns about the new policy by including candid interviews from converts within the mining industry.



Today’s consumers are so resistant to sales spin that it can be difficult to override their inbuilt skepticism. Good promotional videos build trust, and sometimes a brief testimonial from a satisfied customer is the simplest way to do this. Testimonial videos need to strike the perfect balance of candid and professional but, as always, the ability to create a clear story from a potentially long interview is essential.

CASE STUDY: With eight customer service awards, Blueprint Homes wanted to capitalize on its growing fan base by letting past clients do the selling for them. The clichéd couple-on-the-couch look was eschewed by having all interviewees stand up, with handheld camerawork providing an extra layer of authenticity. Most interviews lasted 20 minutes, but each testimonial was edited to focus on a particular aspect of the build.


Social Media Post

As companies embrace social media as marketing platforms, short promotional videos keep followers updated and engaged. Although authenticity is crucial, companies with a brand to protect still need online videos to look and sound professional, and raw footage uploaded from a smart phone just won’t cut it. A short montage set to the right music can give viewers unprecedented access to your company’s events while strengthening your corporate values.

CASE STUDY: The Fathering Project’s annual Big Camp Out is an opportunity for dads to spend quality time with their sons and daughters. The unique sporting arena setting provided plenty of interesting visuals for the resulting mini-documentary. This short video served as a souvenir for attendees and a promotional tool for upcoming Fathering Project events (and their sponsors).

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