Creative Projects

We’re still film nerds at heart and can’t resist a breathtaking story that comes straight from the heart. Each year, we find a few spare minutes to work on our own passion projects. Stay tuned for more news on our latest documentary or short film. (But please be patient. Corporate gigs come first!)


Brush With Death

Mintox Media has just completed Brush With Death (2017), a 28-minute documentary about painter Clint Doyle. Following a near-fatal cardiac arrest at the age of two, Clint’s parents were told he would never walk, talk or see again. Now in his twenties and still living with mild physical and mental disabilities, Clint has developed a unique painting style. His unconventional compositions soon capture the attention of one of America’s most successful artists. This documentary chronicles the lead-up to Clint’s first professional exhibition and his record-breaking opening night.

Seven Days

In 2007, Mintox Media released Seven Days. This 54-minute documentary follows the astonishing experiences of Fiona Dixon-Thompson, an Australian volunteer caring for orphans and vulnerable children in a remote Zambian village. Thought-provoking, funny and inspiring, Seven Days is an uncompromising insight into the realities of aid work and the impact one person can make.

Short Films

We have produced a number of shorts over the years, the most famous being Changing The Earth: The Dean Dirtbug Story (2003), which won many awards, including the IF People’s Choice Award at the WA Screen Awards. Two years in production, this stop-motion mockumentary runs for 12 minutes. Check it out!

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