How much does a corporate video cost?

As most of our videos are customised with unique elements for each client, it’s difficult to provide a generic quote. A very basic video can cost as little as $1,000, while more complicated projects can be over $50,000. In addition to filming and editing, there may be additional fees for script writing, voice over, translation, drones, actors, autocue, 3D graphics, special effects and music. It all depends on what tells the best story. If you can provide an indication of your budget up front, we will happily explain what can be achieved for that amount.

How can I save money on my corporate video?

Naturally, the more groundwork you do yourself, the less time it will take to make the video, thus reducing the price. If you can draft a script, that’s a great start – it takes less time to polish an existing script than start from scratch. If you can organise the people, props and locations to appear in the video, then these items don’t have to be sourced and paid for (though sometimes it’s better, and cheaper in the long run, to go with professionals). And finally, set a deadline.  Specifying a firm date for completion means decisions and changes are made promptly. Once again, less time taken = less cost.

Do you price match?

We do not price match as we don’t believe the cheapest option is always the best solution for our clients’ goals. Most of our clients have already invested significant money into promotional material such as graphic design, brochures and a website – why ruin all that with an amateur-looking corporate video? However, we are confident that we offer the best VALUE FOR MONEY. If you compare apples with apples, our prices are extremely competitive.

Does Mintox Media just do the filming or do you write scripts as well?

Some clients come to us with a fully-approved script, others with a set of dot points. We can work with both of these (and anything in between) to make it suitable for the video medium. Obviously, the more work a client can do up front, the less they’ll have to pay.

Can I make changes before final delivery?

Of course! We want you to be completely proud of your new video. We always schedule at least one round of review before sign-off. Most reasonable requests can be accommodated very quickly.

Does Mintox Media charge per hour or do you provide an upfront quote for the entire job?

Every customer is different. We’re happy to negotiate the best payment scheme to suit you. This may be an hourly rate, upfront payment, payment in stages or payment upon completion.

Does Mintox Media own the copyright for the videos produced for their clients?

For corporate productions: you pay us, you keep the copyright! No point getting complicated about these issues. We only ask that we can use the video to promote Mintox Media. For more creative ventures, there may be a royalties contract required.

I run my own video production company and I want to hire Mintox Media to help out on my upcoming production. Are you up for it?

Sure thing, we’d love to hear how we could collaborate on your next project. But we expect you to pay on time, just like any other client.

Does Mintox Media provide VHS-to-DVD duplication?

No, but we recommend the good people at Diskbank for all your conversion needs.

I’m looking for a job in the film and television industry, can I send you my CV?

To be honest, we don’t often hire someone with whom we haven’t already devloped a great working relationship. It’s always worth a try, though, because you never know what opportunities may be just around the corner. If you have a showreel, that’s a big plus. We’re always happy to give advice too, so if you want to pick our brains for ten minutes about what direction you should take in your career, just email.

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